Vision & Values

At SR Technics, we strive to transform the MRO industry.

Our vision

We are the partner of choice for our customers, delivering innovative solutions and world-class services that are transforming the aviation services industry.

Our values


Safety is a must. We make no compromises.

Our concern for safety is demonstrated at every level of the organization and guides all our activities. We think ahead, admit any mistakes and then learn from them. We accept our responsibilities and make a real contribution to flight safety and its further development.


Quality is our unique trademark. We never settle for second best.

Our customers rely on the flawless quality of our work, and we aim to exceed their expectations. Our performance sets new standards in our industry in terms of work quality, timely service delivery and the availability and reliability of the aircraft in our care.


We deliver exceptional performance.

Our employees handle challenging and often unplanned assignments but never lose sight of the enormous responsibility of ensuring the safety and reliability of the aircraft in our care. Day after day, we deliver exceptional performance we can be proud of. To enable us to deliver, our people are trained thoroughly and continuously. We offer attractive opportunities to our employees, enabling them to pursue their individual professional goals in a challenging yet rewarding work environment.


We listen to our customers and solve their problems.

We provide our customers with a wide range of services for the maintenance and technical management of their aircraft. Our aim is to provide the right solutions reliably, flexibly and on time. In doing so, we pay close attention to our customers’ needs, meeting and exceeding their expectations to create genuine added value.


We treat all our stakeholders honestly and fairly.

Our customers, employees, investors, suppliers and aviation partners can rely on us. We always keep our word and we strive to find fair solutions to any conflict that may arise. We do a thorough job and we give personal and cultural differences the respect they deserve.


We speak openly and communicate clearly when we have something to say.

We take our employees, our customers and all our other partners seriously, and encourage constant dialogue with them all.  We inform them swiftly, openly and honestly about all major events and developments at our company; and we give them ample opportunity to voice their suggestions and concerns.


We are a responsible member of the communities we serve.

We are an attractive industrial employer at all our business locations. As such, we are committed to the wellbeing and health of the local community and its surroundings. In return, we expect a business environment that enables us to remain successful and competitive on the global marketplace.


Protecting the environment is a core aspect of our business.

By continuously streamlining our processes, we ensure environmental protection. Not only are we committed to protecting our client's property: this commitment also extends to our employees and to biodiversity as a whole. As a result, everyone reaps the benefits of our continuous improvements. We comply with the highest international and national standards.

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