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Welcome to the SR Technics world of aircraft services

SR Technics has been providing maintenance services to customers since the early 1960s. As the former maintenance division of Swissair and a founding member of the largest European maintenance consortium, SR Technics has continuously increased its know-how through interacting with - and learning from - its highly demanding customers.

SR Technics provides everything necessary for your aircraft to be ready for operation on time and in accordance with the applicable technical standards. We cover every aspect of operation, as required by you and in line with the legal requirements, from delivery of the aircraft, through maintenance to ensure safe, reliable and cost-effective operation, to final decommissioning of the aircraft from your fleet.

Explore our four service pillars to keep your aircraft in the air:

  • Fleet Technical Management Services provides you with a well-established organisation to manage the technical aspects of your fleet. We support your operational requirements through frequent exchanges of information, fleet monitoring, joint planning on a daily basis, and worldwide ad-hoc support.
  • Aircraft Maintenance means your aircraft are maintained in line with your customised maintenance program on a single- or multi-single event basis, including Line Maintenance, Base Maintenance, Aircraft Overhaul and Additional Maintenance Services.
  • Aircraft AOG Recovery & Ad-hoc Services provides immediate support to recover your aircraft worldwide in the shortest possible time, minimising any revenue or operational capacity losses.
  • Integrated Airline Solutions (IAS) delivers tailor-made solutions up to and including complete technical outsourcing of all maintenance services for aircraft engines and components.


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