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Integrated Solutions

  • Integrated Airline Solutions (IAS)
  • Integrated Component Services (ICS)
  • Integrated Engine Solutions (IES)

Discover the value of customised integrated solutions

SR Technics has shaped its capabilities to fit a growing worldwide trend among airlines: to have some or all of their aircraft, engine or component  services bundled together in tailor-made packages, provided by experienced partners. To address this trend, we have established our global solutions offering. It allows our customers to entrust the technical management of their fleet to their maintenance partner - and to concentrate on their core business.

Providing integrated solutions means that we offer our customers simple and transparent solutions along the value chain, thereby covering maintenance, fleet management, financing, logistics and training. We deliver tailor-made solutions all the way up to complete technical outsourcing of all maintenance services.

At SR Technics it is all about thinking in “solutions” instead of “products”. The key characteristic of these solutions is their flexibility in satisfying the individual needs of our customers.

Our commitment to providing the added value of integrated solutions to our clients means that we offer three levels of integration:

  • We integrate services, from our major facilities in Switzerland, the UK and Ireland and from our other SR Technics entities around the world, into tailor-made solutions.
  • We integrate our service provider partners and your existing service providers into the service model.
  • We integrate our key activities into your daily operations to become an embedded partner.

Your individually customised solution
We offer a variety of service bundles that satisfy a broad range of customer needs covering every type of airline:

  • Our Integrated Airline Solutions (IAS) offering is the spearhead of our solutions model. IAS combines all services (in-house or in combination with our partners), including maintenance on aircraft, engines and components, logistics, pooling, training, troubleshooting, engineering and all other associated technical activities, into one simple solution.
  • Our Integrated Component Services (ICS) bring together all our expertise in inventory management, global procurement and logistics, and component maintenance in a single, customer-focused service organisation.
  • Our Integrated Engine Solutions (IES) offerings are tailored precisely to each customer’s needs, integrating on-wing monitoring and management, overhaul and maintenance, field support, parts brokerage and engine financing.


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