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Welcome to the SR Technics world of components

Seamless aircraft operation depends on serviceable components. SR Technics maintains the removable aircraft parts you require, including aircraft and engine components as well as a wide range of additional major components such as wheels & brakes, auxiliary power units (APUs), landing gear, in-flight entertainment systems (IFEs) and thrust reversers. Such services are provided on an individual basis or as part of an integrated solution covering maintenance, management, financing and logistics services.

Explore our three levels of Component services:

  • Single Component Services means your components are maintained, loaned or exchanged on a single-event basis.
  • Integrated Component Services (ICS) provides you with a sophisticated and customised solution integrating numerous component-related functions such as maintenance, management, financing and logistics services into a one-stop-shop solution.
  • Integrated Airline Solutions (IAS) delivers tailor-made solutions all the way up to complete technical outsourcing of all aircraft, component and engine services.


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