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Our business is to keep you flying

SR Technics provides technical solutions for airlines worldwide. Our services are provided either directly to the airline or through other parties such as aircraft leasing companies, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) or component trading companies. 

We support Airbus and Boeing aircraft
We offer services for Airbus and Boeing aircraft and their associated engines and components. We are one of the largest independent providers of these services in the world. Our independence ensures that every customer receives the same high-quality service and treatment under one SR Technics service umbrella. After all, no airline wants to take second place to the parent airline of a group that also offers third-party services.

Outsourced maintenance supports improved business efficiency
SR Technics has shaped its capabilities to fit a growing worldwide trend among airlines: to have some or all of their aircraft, engine or component maintenance services bundled together in tailor-made packages, provided by experienced partners. To address this trend, we have established our global solutions offering. It allows our customers to entrust the technical management of their fleet to their maintenance partner - and to concentrate on their core business.

Benefit from tailor-made solution packages
We offer total solution packages to airlines. In such a setup we take over the technical management and technical operation of the entire fleet. In addition, we provide many types of services tailored to each customer’s individual requirements. This individual service package can include any of a number of elements such as aircraft checks, engine overhaul or component management and repair.

We are with you in the right place at the right time
In addition to our many years of experience, one of the key enabling factors allowing us to offer this unique service portfolio is our powerful proprietary IT system. It is through this system that we are able to manage aircraft and component data online and real-time wherever you or your aircraft are located. Keeping you airworthy and in flight around the clock and around the globe.


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