Compliance & Values

At SR Technics, we aspire to lead and continuously innovate in a competitive MRO market.


Compliance lays the foundation.

We will conduct our business worldwide in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations where we comply with the highest and most stringent international and national standards. In our business dealings, we will compete but will do so fairly, complying with all laws protecting the integrity of the marketplace. We will not engage in unfair business practices and we will be fully compliant with competition, trade, financial and other international laws and accepted standards.



We make no compromises on safety.

Our concern for safety is demonstrated at every level of the organization and guides all our activities. We think ahead, admit any mistakes and learn from this experience.

It is our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment in which we operate. Our safety standards are set out in safety policies and instructions applicable to every individual working and visiting our premises or any other operating area.


Quality is our unique trademark.

Our customers rely on the flawless quality of our work, and we aim to exceed their expectations. Our performance sets new standards in our industry in terms of work quality, timely service delivery and the availability, safety and reliability of the aircraft, components, systems and engines in our care. We make a real contribution to flight safety and its further development.

Our people are the key to deliver exceptional performance. We handle challenging and often unplanned assignments but never lose sight of the enormous responsibility. To enable us to deliver, our people are trained thoroughly and continuously.

We adhere to deliver on our promises. Our quality standards reflect the services we provide. Shortcuts, carelessness, or attempts to circumvent regulations are not tolerated.


Protecting the environment is a core aspect of our business.

By continuously streamlining our processes, we ensure environmental protection. Not only are we committed to protect our client's property but such commitment also extends to our employees and to biodiversity as a whole. As a result, everyone reaps the benefits of our continuous improvements.


We treat all our stakeholders respectfully, honestly and fairly.

Our employees, customers, suppliers, investors and partners can rely on us and are treated with respect, honesty and fairness. We act upon our promises and highly value and respect equal opportunities, as well as personal and cultural differences. We offer attractive opportunities to our employees, enabling them to pursue their individual professional goals in a challenging yet rewarding work environment.


We speak openly and communicate clearly.

We take our employees, customers, the society, and all other partners seriously, and encourage a constant, clear, consistent, accurate, and transparent dialogue with all our stakeholders. We inform swiftly, openly and honestly about all major events and developments in our company within our rules and regulations and we provide ample opportunity to voice suggestions and concerns.


We are a responsible member of the communities we serve.

We are an attractive and committed global acting industrial employer with a high consideration of the communities we serve. As such, it is our responsibility to contribute to the well-being and health of our communities and its surroundings which we serve. In return, we expect a business environment that enables us to remain successful and competitive on the global marketplace.

IP & Confidentiality

Protection of intellectual property and confidentiality is everyone’s responsibility.

We treat with utmost confidentiality the relevant, non-public information that is intentionally, occasionally or even by mistake received, assessed or viewed by us in the course of our business dealings. Confidential information may include without limitation business or technical information relating to customers, suppliers, partners, employees, business practices, financials, business plans, transactions, strategies, investigations or any other sensitive information and data, whether it is received, assessed or viewed by us in writing, visually, electronically or orally.


We react to changes and innovation quickly and agilely.

On a global and constantly changing market, we understand where innovation and tradition should meet. Insights into how the external environment and market realities are changing allow us to be agile, undertake quick transformations, focus on our strengths, and use technology and digitalization in order to better address customer demands.

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