90 years of operational experience.

SR Technics is one of the world's largest independent MRO providers, servicing most Airbus and Boeing aircraft types. The company started out as the maintenance and engineering section of Swissair, previously Switzerland's national carrier, and it has grown to be a major global player in highly competitive MRO market.

HNA Aviation acquires an 80% stake in SR Technics, and Mubadala Development Company retains a 20% stake in the company.

SR Technics establishes a new facility in Belgrade, Serbia.

SR Technics opens a new component repair facility in Malaysia.

Mubadala Development Company gains sole ownership of SR Technics.

SR Technics opens its facility in Malta.

Mubadala Development Company acquires majority control of SR Technics. Under the new ownership structure, Mubadala Development Company owns 70% following a buyout of Istithmar's 30% shares, and Dubai Aerospace retains a 30% stake in the company.

SR Technics comes under new ownership. A consortium of the three United Arab Emirates-based investors - Mubadala Development Company 40%, Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) 30% and Istithmar World 30% - became the new shareholders of SR Technics.

SR Technics continues to strengthen its market position and build a truly global presence, with over 750 aircraft under contract from customers all over the world. The contract with easyJet marks a significant milestone in the industry.

SR Technics acquires the MRO business of FLS Aerospace in the United Kingdom and Ireland, making it one of the world's largest independent providers of technical services for airlines.

Following the grounding of Swissair, SR Technics is transferred to new owners (with 3i group holding 56%, Star Capital holding 20%, management holding 12% and other stakeholders holding the remaining 12%) and thus becomes a fully independent holding company.

SR Technics, the technical department of Swissair since its founding in 1931, is established as a separate company within the Swissair Group.

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