Engineering Services

We offer individual or comprehensive solutions based on our client requests.

The highly valued and versatile engineering expertise of SR Technics allows us to manage a wide range of stand-alone projects. Our services are based on client requests for individual or comprehensive solutions.

Engineering Services consists of:

  • Design Offices in Dublin, Belgrade and Zurich
  • Project Management Office
  • Office of Airworthiness

Design & Certification Services (Part 21J)

We are an EASA Part 21J Design Organization, approved to design and certify major and minor modifications as well as minor repairs for large airplanes (EASA.21J.358). Our customized solutions are developed on a case-by-case basis, flexibly and efficiently, to satisfy client expectations while meeting regulatory requirements.

Continuing airworthiness management (Part M)

We hold multiple national authority approvals as a Part M, Subpart G Organization (IE.M.0106). This enables us to provide all CAM functions, including assisting with transitioning aircraft to new operators and management of parked aircraft. 

Airworthiness review certificate inspection /
Certificate of airworthiness renewal

EASA Part-M Subpart I specifies an annual inspection of the Maintenance and Operational records, as well as a physical A/C inspection. Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARCs) are issued by the competent authorities based on the SR Technics recommendation reports issued by our approved ARC inspectors. This process can be done at the organization responsible for your aircraft maintenance, or at another licensed entity.

Aircraft inspection & assessment

An aircraft is a major capital investment. As such, it must be evaluated and managed from the initial purchase through its lifecycle in order to maximize its long-term investment potential. Our experience, combined with our understanding of the latest aircraft technologies, allows us to perform both partial and full audits and inspections of full aircraft or any of their individual systems.

Analysis & repair of structural damages

Our customers in the aviation industry know we are experts in analyzing and repairing structural damages. We support customers during heavy, base and line maintenance, offering effective solutions in case of structural damage.

As an approved design organization, SR Technics will develop a new repair design in accordance with the SR Technics Design Organization Handbook (DOH), or if requested by our customer, will guide the OEMs by proposing and supporting fast repair solutions.

Material supply services

Our deep knowledge of aerospace material suppliers enables us to provide all required parts for major and minor modification as well as for minor repairs.

Aeronautical parts production (Part 21G)

We are an EASA Part 21 subpart G production organization approved to manufacture and certify aeronautical parts. Under the scope of work of the production organization approval CH.21G.0016, SR Technics is entitled to manufacture and certify the following categories of aeronautical parts with an EASA Form 1:

  • Cabinets (interior equipment cabinets and furnishings)
  • Composites (composite structural, interior and systems parts)
  • Sheet metal/metal elements (metallic structural, interior and systems parts)
  • Upholstery parts
  • Electrical systems parts
  • Painting and varnishing
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