Lease-End Transitioning Services

Bundled one-stop-shop solutions designed for changes in aircraft ownership.

Lease-end Transitioning Services (LETS) is a product developed in cooperation with the Dutch company Aviation Cosmetics Malta in response to the constant changes in the market demands of the aviation industry, as leasing offers many carriers a flexible option for maintaining a modern fleet.

The service is available for the Airbus A319, A320 and A321 at the SR Technics Malta facility.

This novel set of bundled services responds to an increasing demand among leasing companies for one-stop-shop solutions designed with aircraft changes of ownership in mind.

The LETS services include:

  • Transition maintenance checks & repairs (A, C, IL, D-Checks and structural repairs)
  • Interior upgrades and cabin reconfiguration
  • Paint and livery
  • Full engine BSI (Borescope Inspection)
  • Engine replacement
  • Conservation
  • Storage and parking
  • Consulting
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