VIP Consulting Services

Making your vision fly.

SR Technics offers VIP consulting services for: 

  • Completion / Refurbishment Management
  • Maintenance Support
  • Lifetime Support

Our skilled experts guarantee that customers get the most for their money. 

Our specialists draw their expertise from years of working on numerous projects at completion centers, maintenance organizations and for customers directly. Thus we can provide valuable insight with substantial benefits for the customer in terms of cost, schedule and product quality. 

Our consulting services at a glance: 

Completion / Refurbishment Management

  • Creation of interior design concepts
  • Composition of tender packages and management of tender process
  • Management of completion process between customer and completion center
  • First article and stage inspections
  • Supervision of aircraft onsite
  • Acceptance and redelivery support
  • Managing post-delivery and warranty items 

Maintenance Support

  • Pre-induction cabin survey
  • Creation of downtime cabin scope of work
  • Negotiation of commercial proposal
  • Supervision of aircraft onsite and quality inspection
  • Acceptance and redelivery support 

Lifetime Support

  • Interval evaluation of cabin status
  • Coordination of minor repairs during operation 

With our Lifetime and Maintenance Support portfolio, the customer benefits from a particularly high quality of the cabin throughout operation, reducing refurbishment costs in the long run and preserving the value of the asset. 

So whether you are looking for experts who can breathe life into your vision, or a solid, reliable partner that supports your operation, we look forward to learning more about your project. Please contact us at any time to find out how we can support you.

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