Inventory Optimization Services

Revolutionizing MRO inventory management.

Armac Systems, an SR Technics company, enhances customer inventory levels through its MRO inventory planning and optimization solution. The company’s dynamic service combines software with consulting services to flexibly manage aerospace maintenance inventory.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to leverage the knowledge and information from big data sources, such as advanced analytics and optimization technologies, the Armac solution addresses uncertain demand and the “repair-to-reuse” nature of MRO inventory through four key components:

  • Decision Support System (DSS): Inventory strategy and policy are defined as a set of business rules, parameters, limits and thresholds to determine the optimal inventory availability, performance and investment
  • Inventory Planner’s Workbench: Policy is put into practice and executed daily through prioritized task lists in Armac’s Inventory Planners Workbench
  • Knowledge Base: Expert knowledge, rules and controls are captured and incorporated into the decision-making process through the self-learning knowledge base
  • Advanced Analytics Engine: A dynamic inventory optimization engine enables the periodic and real-time optimization of inventory levels throughout the network and extended supply chain, in response to a continuously changing operational landscape. Specifically designed to address the uncertainty of demand within the aerospace supply chain and the repair cycle material flow.

The Armac solution provides airlines and aircraft maintenance organizations with a world-class MRO inventory planning solution that delivers:

  • Optimized inventory asset management
  • Optimal capital investment required for MRO inventory holding
  • Improved cash flow and profitability
  • Improved inventory service level
  • Management control over the assets and policy implementation

The solution is implemented through Armac’s Inventory Planning Capability Model (IPCM), engaging all of the relevant stakeholders in the inventory planning process to holistically align; strategy & policy, people & process, systems & data and finance & control.

Armac’s standalone solution can also be combined with other SR Technics Component Service offerings to flexibly address our customer’s specific inventory management needs.

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