End-of-Life Solutions

Optimally manage mature aircraft fleet powered by CFM56-5C engines.

Beyond Fleet Services™ is an integrated solution to provide economic optimization of mature aircraft fleets powered by CFM56-5C engines.

Our integrated solution provides tailored support at each stage of aircraft maturity, helping airlines as they transition to newer aircraft. With this optimization, airlines have flexibility when drafting their removal plans and avoid shop visits thanks to module swaps and use of green-time engines.

Repair, replace or retire?

Together with AerFin, SR Technics offers tailored support at each stage of aircraft operations:

  • Exit strategy for assets upon retirement
  • Flexibility for operators as they transition to newer aircraft
  • Flexibility to rebalance asset book values
  • Economic optimization of mature assets - technical and commercial assistance from two leading service providers

For more information, please visit SR Technics' and AerFin’s joint website: http://www.beyondfleetservices.com

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