Engine Parts Repair Services

Nose-to-tail solutions across different engine models in close collaboration with OEMs.

SR Technics provides extensive repair capability across different engine models. Our "nose-to-tail" solutions, offered in Zurich, Switzerland and in Cork, Ireland, are supported by outstanding customer service.

High repair yields and cost savings

Our repair yields on engine parts are the industry benchmark. The state-of-the-art technologies and processes at our shops allow us to optimize our repair work. In addition, lean and continuous improvement maximizes waste reduction, which translates into direct savings for our customers.

Repair Development

We are at the forefront of repair industry technology and work continuously to remain there. Thanks to close cooperation with OEMs, we are involved in several projects to develop new capabilities for current and future and engine platforms.

Our services

Whether it’s standard or individual repairs you need, SR Technics is your service provider. Based on single repair orders, our repair services are typically reserved for ad hoc events or a special request from our customers.

Set management arrangements

Repair services with scrap replacements are organized for multiple items like blades, vanes, shrouds and seals. When it’s time to replace a part, SR Technics delivers a ready-to-install set of the items our customer needs.

Repair and scrap replacement

We offer a full service package for engine part repair and replacement. SR Technics has up to 90% in-house repair capabilities on our engine portfolio.

Material pooling programs

Through an “on consignment” stock placed at the base of our customers, serviceable exchange parts are immediately available for the production line.

Airfoil Repair Services

SR Technics Airfoil Services provides capability for turbine blade and vanes repair for the engine types listed here


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