Engineering Services and Fleet Management

Select from a wide range of services for engine reliability and performance efficiency.

SR Technics monitors engine reliability and performance as well as maintenance costs, taking fleet usage plans and spare engine availability into account in order to plan and schedule engine removal and shop input efficiently.

We manage warranty matters for our customers, negotiating preferential warranty terms with engine manufacturers and overseeing the full warranty process (including warranty claim submissions and related negotiations) until a settlement is reached.

Data management

We offer archiving of engine documentation, digital media storage, issue of conformance statements (phase-out activities) and/or history of life-limited parts (including back-to-birth history).

Consulting services

For customers looking to purchase or lease an engine or make engine-type decisions, we offer the appropriate and experienced guidance and support, rounded-up by our training for engineering topics like work scoping, repair development and fleet management.

Further services include:

  • Engine Removal Planning/Staggering
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Customized Work Scopes
  • Reliability Program (AD, Service Bulletin assessment and recommendation)
  • EASA Part 21 Repair Development
  • Engine Trend Analysis and Recommendations
  • Technical Investigation
  • Chemical and Physical Laboratory Capabilities
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