Converting excess inventory into revenue.

Material.Monetary.Solutions (MMS) is an integrated program where SR Technics and IAA jointly manage all aspects of inventory support on behalf of the consignor. This includes logistics, technical review, repair management, quality assurance & control, marketing, sales and finance. 

MMS program benefits:

  • MMS offers an integrated material management solution to reduce physical inventories and help customers manage materials and assets more efficiently.
  • By turning excess materials into revenues, MMS adds real value by releasing the fixed capital tied up in physical inventories and improves cash flow by repairing unserviceable material without an upfront investment.
  • MMS is a turnkey solution for excess inventory by SR Technics and IAA that allows our customers to concentrate on their core business of running an airline. 

MMS program overview:

MMS helps reduce the customer’s inventory costs during operation and maintenance.

(*) NET SALES PROCEEDS = SALES PRICE minus REPAIR COST (repair cost shall include all cost necessary to make the materials marketable, including repair, inspection and shipping)

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