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Base Maintenance

We are minimizing the time aircraft remains on the ground while ensuring excellent reliability

SR Technics Center of Excellence for narrow-body aircraft maintenance in Malta delivers premium MRO services. Our attractive platform combines proven quality and technical excellence with advantageous commercial terms.

The service portfolio in Malta is focused on the maintenance of the Airbus A320 family and does all required maintenance work in accordance with client’s requirements. This may consist of additional maintenance services e.g. heavy and light base maintenance, line maintenance, modifications, cabin reconfigurations & brush up, the changing of components, engines, and landing gear, out of phase tasks and deferred items. In addition, our team provides worldwide field assistance around the clock, seven days a week.

Our sophisticated work-flow planning and highly skilled workforce ensure that routine maintenance, non-routine maintenance and additional work are carried out as quickly as possible, always with the highest standards. This minimizes the time aircraft remains on the ground while ensuring excellent reliability.

Malta offers an ideal location with a suitable business environment for our operations and a highly skilled workforce. We recently commemorated the opening of our new facilities, a modern multi-bay hangar facility for narrow- and wide-body aircraft at Malta International Airport. With a size of 44,000 sqm, including workshops support, the new infrastructure enables SR Technics to increase its capacity up to six narrow-body aircraft at a time.

Aircraft Services Shop

Our extensive workshop capabilities include composite and interiors, sheet metal and structural components, upholstery and paint as well as advanced analysis tools such as non-destructive testing (NDT) and borescope inspection.

By choosing our maintenance services in Malta, you are assured not only the highest levels of safety and reliability, but also short turnaround times and cost-efficient service delivery.

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