A large variety of training courses available at your convenience.

Different situations call for different training methods. Sometimes speed and locations are of the essence; at other times, the priority is to let students learn at their own pace, whenever and wherever they wish.

Below an overview of our capabilities, a large variety of courses to support your technical team members.

Basic Type Training

EASA 147.009
GCAA 147/11/2009
B1  Full Full
B2  Full Full
Full Full

Airbus Type Training 

Aircraft Engine Type
EASA 147.009
GCAA 147/11/2009
CASA 147
A318/319/320/321 CFM56 Full Full Full
A319/320/321 V2500 Full Full Full
A330 GE CF6 Full Full Full
  PW4000 Full Full Full
  RR TRENT 700 Full Full Full
A340-200/300 CFM56 Full Full  
A340-500/600 RR TRENT 500 Full Full  

Boeing Type Training

Aircraft  Engine Type
EASA 147.009
GCAA 147/11/2009
CASA 147
737-300/400/500 CFM56 Full Full Full
737-600/700/800/900 CFM56 Full Full Full
757 RR RB211 Full Full Full
767 GE CF6 Full Full Full
  PW4000 Full Full Full
777 GE 90 Full Full Full
  RR TRENT 800 Full Full Full
  PW 4000 Full Full  

Specialized Training*

Engine Run-Up 
Fiber Optics (Basics, Repair & Measurement)
Composit Repair Courses (Part 1-4)
EWIS (Theory & Practice)

Web Based Training*

Human Factors Initial & Refresher 
Fuel Tank Safety Phase 2 Refresher
Dangerous Goods Awareness
Check after-Deicing
EWIS Initial and Refresher

Consulting Services*

Facility Planning 
Training center improvement
Instructor selection and competence assessments 
Instructional programs and regulatory compliance
Examination setting and compilation of questions
Apprentice Training Program

 *a selection of our Specialized Training, Web Based Training and Consulting Services

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