Safety & Quality Management

Quality Management

To earn a reputation for uncompromising quality in a business where standards are set so high, at SR Technics we set our own standards even higher. This means regularly establishing new benchmarks for efficiency, engineering excellence and quality that have helped us obtain an impressive list of certifications and approvals worldwide.

Occupational Safety, Health and Environment

We make an enormous effort to ensure a safe workplace for all our employees, whether their jobs are done in a workshop, a hangar, around the apron of the airport or in an office environment. To ensure safety, we have dedicated safety representatives who conduct safety audits, campaigns, and workplace hazard assessments as well as provide mandatory training courses to enhance health and safety awareness and ensure a safe working environment is provided to all our employees.

We are committed to protect our environment, and it is an integral part of our business. To improve our environmental footprint we are conducting regular environmental audits, monitor consumption of resources, such as energy, water, chemicals, and pressurized air, and waste production, as well as provide awareness training to our employees

For changes to workplaces we assess the potential impact on occupational safety, health and the environment to make sure that we improve continuously.

Safety Management System

Safety excellence is an integral part of all our activities. Our senior management has determined that safety and quality excellence are key factors of our mission.

The internal audit setup of our Occurrence and Hazard Reporting system is a proven process that supports our commitment to work towards excellence.

Our employees take responsibility and accountability for their own behavior actions and have the opportunity to participate and report in developing safety standards and procedures.