SR Technics Line Maintenance AG

8302 Kloten

SRT LM Linelight

Line & Light Base Maintenance Checks

Our line maintenance engineers perform more than 35,000 events per year.

Our dedicated line maintenance engineers perform more than 35,000 events per year on the industry’s key aircraft families, providing a best-in-class experience serving the world’s major airlines. When the unexpected occurs, you can rely on our expertise and fast responses to get your aircraft back in the air in the shortest time possible.

From daily transit checks to A and P checks, our line and light base maintenance services allow you to maintain the reliable flight schedule that is your top priority, and ours as well.

We offer the following services:

  • Pre-flight, daily and weekly checks, transit and ETOPS checks
  • Routine scheduled tasks, trouble shooting and defect rectification
  • Special checks under ATA Chapter 05
  • Cabin maintenance
  • Other line maintenance checks, up to A and P checks at selected stations
  • Special repairs and/or modifications by specialists sent to your aircraft
  • On-call maintenance
  • Technical assistance (non-CRS)
  • Cargo Aircraft Support
  • SB, AD, EO and modifications
  • Minor structural maintenance repairs
  • Engine idle and high power run-up

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