Fan/Core/LPT LLPs

Engine Parts Repair Services

Nose-to-tail solutions across different engine models in close collaboration with OEMs.

Our Services

SR Technics provides extensive repair capability across different engine models. Our "nose-to-tail" solutions, offered in Zurich, Switzerland and in Cork, Ireland, are supported by outstanding customer service.

High Repair Yields and Cost Savings

Our repair yields on engine parts are the industry benchmark. The state-of-the-art technologies and processes at our shops allow us to optimize our repair work. In addition, lean and continuous improvement maximizes waste reduction, which translates into direct savings for our customers.

Repair Development

We are at the forefront of repair industry technology and work continuously to remain there. Thanks to close cooperation with OEMs, we are involved in several projects to develop new capabilities for current and future and engine platforms.


HMU / Fuel Pumps

HMU/ Fuel Pumps

  • 25 years of experience/approx. 400 CFM56 HMUs per year
  • OEM approved repair & warranty shop
  • Excellent turnaround time (TAT)
  • Ad-hoc loan and exchange solutions
  • State-of-the-art test equipment
  • >8 Component test cells for CFM56 Fuel Components
  • Approvals from over 20 national authorities

Full capability for the CFM56 -7B/-5A/5B/5C, HMU + Fuel Pumps:

  • Test/Repair/Overhaul
  • Modification
  • Field assistance
  • Rotable pool program
  • Dedicated engineering support for out-of-scope damage
Combustion Chambers

Combustion Chambers

  • Extensive in-house capability
  • Source demonstration S/Bs for the single annular combustor (SAC)
  • Reliable and consistent TAT’s 
  • Flexibility to perform specific work scopes
  • Capabilities in different processes 

Full capability for the PW4000 & CFM56-5B/-7B:

  • Inspection/Repair/Overhaul
  • Modification

Portfolio of machining procedures:

  • Heat treatment
  • Welding TIG 
  • Thermal spraying HVOF/Plasma
  • Waterjet striping
  • CMM
Cases and Frames 1

Cases and Frames

CFM56-7B/5B & PW4000/94” & 100”

Comprehensive repair capability for all the major engine casings:

  • Fan cases
  • Compressor cases
  • Combustion cases
  • LPT cases

Main processes available:

  • Waterjet stripping
  • NDT
  • HVOF
  • Plasma
  • Welding
  • Heat Treatment
Fan/Core/LPT LLPs

Fan/Core/LPT LLPs

CFM56-7B/5B & PW4000/94” & 100”

  • Main engine parts: cases, frames, air seals, drums, spools, disks, shafts
  • Extensive repair capability for engine Life Limited Parts
  • Inspection/Repair/Overhaul 
  • All ADs performed in-house

Portfolio of machining procedures:

  • CNC milling/turning/grinding
  • FPI/MPI/EC/Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Electro discharge machining 
  • Welding
  • Thermal spraying
  • Measuring machine CMM 
  • Heat Treatment 
Airfoils 1

Airfoils (Cork)

CFM56-2/-3, CFM56-5A/-5B/-5C, CFM56-7B/7BE, & RB211

  • LPT blades & NGVs
  • HPT shroud hangers 
  • LPT outer stationary air seals 
  • Fan blade platform & OGV
  • HPC vane sectors and seals

Services include:

  • Welding (i.e., robotic and manual TIG, laser cladding, resistance welding, laser welder)
  • Heat treatment (i.e., vacuum furnace, coating and pyrolysis furnaces)  
  • Surface treatment (vibratory polish, grit blasting, shot-peen, platinum plating) 
  • Non-Destructive Testing (FPI, eddy current, ultrasonic, digital X-ray, air flow, water flow)  
  • Machining (precision grinding, laser drilling, CNC, EDM)  
  • Cleaning (aqueous/ultrasonic, chemical stripping, ultrasonic, fluoride ion) 

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