SR Technics Line Maintenance AG

8302 Kloten

SRT LM Linelight

Additional Line Maintenance Services

Our Line Maintenance assists you with a wide range of services 24/7 throughout the year.

We offer an extensive range of additional line maintenance services such as:

  • Engine & APU changes
  • Engine & aircraft washing
  • Cockpit brake operator for repositioning the aircraft
  • Brake riding and tow support
  • Cabin maintenance and cabin appearance programs
  • Customer material local management and storage
  • Stores & logistics
  • Flying engineer on board aircraft for station checks without line maintenance coverage (available for full-support customers)
  • Worldwide AOG recoveries
  • Hangar and shop facilities in ZRH and GVA
  • Short and long-term parking and storage
  • NDT material testing, composite repair, sheet metal, borescope, paint, technical cleaning, A/C washing and A/C polishing, available at selected stations
  • Support at operator-dedicated line stations during start-up and ongoing operations

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