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Quick Turn Line Services

Be airborne again as quickly as possible.

SR Technics offers engine repair at its Quick Turn Line in Zurich to mitigate operational disruptions without the need to schedule a heavy shop visit. With Quick Turn Line services, customers can get prompt engine maintenance while optimizing fleet readiness and reducing operating costs.

SR Technics offers quick turn services for repair of the CFM International CFM56, LEAP-1B, Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines at its engine shop in Zurich.

An agile, customer-focused and dedicated team at SR Technics delivers flawless quick turn services to new and existing customers, offering a wide range of in-house capabilities for the repair of modules and parts, engine repairs and continued reliable performance:

  • Pre- and post-lease inspections
  • Comprehensive engine inspection and repair capability
  • Engineering expertise
  • Engine logistics and handling in Zurich

Your maintenance needs are covered at our full-service engine shop in Zurich:

  • Dedicated support from a team of engine specialists
  • Engineering experience garnered from thousands of shop visits plus in-house laboratory
  • Large inventory of new and used engine parts and access to used serviceable material market
  • Vast in-house repair capabilities and access to SR Technics’ own test cell
  • Worldwide logistic support with engine change option in Zurich 

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