On-Wing Services and Field Assistance Support

A wide range of on-site support and repair capabilities from borescope inspections to test runs.

Field Assistance Support

SR Technics offers on-wing, on-site services as well as off-wing assistance and repairs. These include:

  • Airfoil Damage Assessment (Video Borescope)
  • Borescope Blending Of Damaged Airfoils
  • Components (LRU) Troubleshooting
  • Top Case Repair (only CFM56)
  • Module Swap
  • VSV Modifications (only CFM56)
  • Fan Hub Replacement
  • Fan Flange Repair
  • VSV-Bushing Repair
  • TRF Repair
  • Gearbox Oil Leak Repair / Seal Change / O-Ring Replacement
  • Gearbox Change
  • Test Runs
  • Inspections (Incoming, Final, PLI, BSI, NDT)

Additional Assistance 

  • Logistic handling (preservation, transport)
  • In addition, on-the-job training offers our collaborators a unique opportunity for further specialization in module disassembly/assembly, engine components removal/installation, borescope inspection including damage measurement and assessment

Our global proximity

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