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SR Technics completes modifications for 12 of Air Europa’s Airbus A330 fleet

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SR Technics, a world leading MRO service provider, is pleased to announce the successful completion of 12 widebody Airbus A330 aircraft for Air Europa.

Following Air Europa’s request for three business class cabin modifications and the installation of new Inflight Entertainment System (IFE) on a total of twelve planes, the SR Technics specialists began the job at the company’s facilities in Zurich in February 2016. Besides enhancing the in-cabin comfort of business class passengers for three Air Europa aircraft, passengers on all 12 planes are now enjoying Wi-Fi connectivity with Panasonic’s ground connectivity system (GCS), thus improving their overall flight experience. A new crew rest modification was also performed on all of the aircraft.

Air Europa’s decision to hire SR Technics for this project was based on the competitive offer and efficient ground handling. By optimizing its work processes over the course of the project, SR Technics managed to reduce the estimated ground time of several of the aircraft and is ready to provide the same service for any customer looking for cabin refurbishments and entertainment upgrades.

“It has been a great pleasure to help Air Europa enhance the passenger comfort in these aircraft, and we are delighted to have successfully completed the project. It was our top priority to ensure short turnaround times and reliable on-time delivery,” says Michael Sattler, Head of Aircraft Services at SR Technics.

“Here at Air Europa, we would like to thank SR Technics and all of its team members for the excellent job performed,” commented Alberto Lines, Air Europa’s Maintenance and Engineering Director. “It has been a great pleasure working with SR Technics thanks to their flexibility, reliable service and expertise.”

Based in Zurich, the SR Technics Center of Excellence for Cabin Modifications offers a full range of modular services for aircraft maintenance and cabin modifications that can be tailored to the specific needs of customers.

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