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SR Technics redelivers VVIP aircraft in record time of 41 days, and ahead of schedule

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SR Technics, a world leading MRO service provider, is pleased to announce the redelivery of an Airbus wide-body aircraft with a full VVIP cabin. The aircraft underwent a maintenance check, which required the removal and re-installation of the VVIP cabin, in addition to some minor repairs to cabin monuments.

Gregor Müller, Head of the Interior Competence Center at SR Technics, explained: “The challenge was to get the cabin removed and then reinstalled in record time. We were able to assemble a team of cabin experts and came up with a unique process to minimize the time required for the removal and reinstallation, taking into consideration the individual cabin parts, which have fragile surfaces. In the end, we removed the cabin in five days and reinstalled in fifteen days, completing the job in even less time than planned, and because of the special setup, left the cabin in perfect condition.”

The check was yet another success for SR Technics. “The similar work is often expected to take 90 days of downtime, the standard market time for a job of this sort. Since we can run 2-3 daily shifts here at SR Technics in Zurich, we were able to offer the job in a timeframe that is unique to this industry,” says Michael Sattler, Head of Aircraft Services at SR Technics. “For anyone considered our proposal unrealistic, we proved that we can deliver fast, as we completed the work two days ahead of schedule, in just 41 days.”

As one of the biggest independent MRO service providers with a team of VIP experts, SR Technics combines technical expertise with MRO speed, offering customers the short downtimes while maintaining Swiss quality standards.

“At SR Technics we redeliver the aircraft on a defined day and not to a calendar week with a delay buffer” says Michael Sattler. “Even a short delay can mean a lot to carriers, and with the next aircraft waiting outside, we have created a lean setup and process landscape that lets us use our capacity flexibly. We even ramp up to a 24-hour shift model, if required, to meet a tight deadline. This feature guarantees that the customer will have the aircraft back in a shortest time possible.”

Since SR Technics began offering the VIP service at its facility in Zurich, it has conducted a multitude of governmental, VIP and VVIP aircraft maintenance, additionally doing refurbishments while the aircraft is on ground, minimizing the downtime.

“Speed, the Swiss quality, maintenance expertise, a proven on-time redelivery record, flexibility, the refurbishment option and in the end, a perfect product redelivered on time are just some of the reasons why customers keep coming back,” says Michael Gringmuth, VIP Sales Director at SR Technics.

SR Technics provides customized VIP modifications and refurbishments based on the client’s request and special needs. Whether the work involves single cabinets, seat or divan designs, installations or full cabin refurbishments, our skilled experts ensure world-class quality standards and minimum downtime.

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