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SR Technics continuously improving its business

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SR Technics, a world leading MRO service provider, is constantly extending its capabilities and continuously improving its services around the world to even better serve its airline customers while adapting its global footprint to the respective market conditions. 

Switzerland belongs to the world’s most expensive economies and companies like SR Technics are forced to review its operation at Zurich Airport across all areas to remain competitive. 

After a detailed review of its operation, SR Technics considers to right-size its infrastructure and capacity at Zurich Airport by adding more than 100 new positions in Engine Services and potentially reduce its workforce in Aircraft Services of up to 300. As a result, its actual 1,500-strong workforce at Zurich Airport could potentially be reduced to about 1,300 employees over a period of two years. 

SR Technics does everything in its power to keep possible redundancies that might be required to a minimum. Hence, SR Technics has decided to enter into a consultation process starting today. 

Frank Walschot, Chief Executive Officer at SR Technics said: “We are constantly adapting ourselves to the market and demands of our customers and continually reassure the professionalism of the work provided as we commit to safety and the highest quality standards.”

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