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SR Technics signs exclusive inlet cowl maintenance contract with SWISS and Edelweiss

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SR Technics, a world leading MRO service provider, is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive five-year maintenance contract with Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) and Edelweiss Air. The new agreement, which covers the entire Airbus A320ceo fleet of both SWISS and its sister airline Edelweiss, goes into effect on July 1, 2019. 

SR Technics has been a key partner to Switzerland’s flagship carrier SWISS since its founding as a separate MRO firm over two decades ago. In its bid for this maintenance contract, SR Technics offered SWISS operational protection, engineering expertise and proprietary repairs for the A320ceo inlet cowl. The SR Technics location in Zurich, the hub of SWISS, was also key in cinching the deal, along with a solid inventory of related materials. 

“Once again, we have seen how specialization ensures closer relationships with our key partners,” said Andreas Lamprecht, Head of Component Maintenance Switzerland at SR Technics. “By developing expertise in nacelle systems, particularly the inlet cowl, we were able to cinch an exclusive maintenance contract for a full five years. The trust we have earned through our existing business with SWISS was also a key factor in this new deal.” 

At SWISS, Head of Commercials & Logistics Patrick Heiz noted: “The fact that SR Technics has its home base in Zurich and offered a market-oriented contract played an important part in deciding to enter into an exclusive A320ceo inlet cowl service contract with SR Technics. We are confident that we can rely on their excellent shop performance, as we have in recent years.”

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