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SR Technics Consultancy Services introduces cabin lifetime and maintenance support

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SR Technics has long been established as one of the largest independent MRO service providers for aircraft maintenance, engine and component services. In recent years, the company has also become known for its work in the VIP aircraft sector. As a quality-driven company headquartered in Switzerland, SR Technics carries the values and standards of the VIP business in its DNA. Therefore, its incursion into the VIP consultancy business was a logical step. “Six years ago, one of our government customers recognized the potential of our VIP experts and made a specific request,” says Urs Kunzelmann, Vice President of VIP Consultancy Services at SR Technics. “And we were ready to take on the challenge.” Today, SR Technics looks back on its success in the aircraft cabin management business, where it has become a leading global player. With long-term programs for completion management, the MRO expanded its business portfolio by offering lifetime and maintenance support for the cabins of its clients. “We have realized that the value of a plane goes beyond the actual aircraft and depends on the condition of its cabin,” explains Michael Gringmuth, Director of Consultancy Services at SR Technics. “Without adequate maintenance, an aircraft cabin can become quite expensive, either due to a drop in its resale value or to costly repairs paired with long downtimes. Therefore, we have developed the lifetime and maintenance support product that helps the customer control costs, shorten cabin-driven downtimes and keep the cabin quality standard high throughout an aircraft’s operation.” Among the many tasks it covers, the new SR Technics lifetime and maintenance support portfolio combines regular aircraft cabin inspections with onsite support during maintenance visits while building up local suppliers to perform smaller repairs at the customer’s base. This saves the customer money while also increasing the aircraft’s uptime. Urs Kunzelmann notes that SR Technics already has five business jets in its new VIP portfolio and adds, “We are very proud to offer our customers this cabin lifetime and maintenance support solution. In the end, it’s all about added value for the customer. Before a customer enters a long-term agreement with us, we want them to rest assure that SR Technics provides quality services.”

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