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A Boeing 787 VIP Aircraft delivery by SR Technics VIP Consultancy Services Team

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SR Technics VIP Consultancy Services Team is pleased to announce the delivery of a Boeing 787 VIP aircraft from a renowned VIP completion center. The aircraft was handed over to the customer in December 2020 with the assistance of the SR Technics program management team and in close cooperation with the customer and the completion center.

The services and work rendered as part of the B787 interior completion ran the full gamut, starting with the project concept and tender all the way to the redelivery acceptance. They included interior design oversight, daily program management together with cost management and scope of work compliance supervision as well as change management, monument inspections, and aircraft redelivery support.

SR Technics personnel brought their highly professional structured approach and well-recognized expert know-how stemming from their previous engagement at the VIP completion center to achieve a high degree of product quality, cost stability and cost control. Additionally, the focus on program structure, a detailed upfront definition, and quality assurance guaranteed a win-win situation for both the customer and the completion center.

“SR Technics services being always very professional, are also highly commendable,” said the customer.

“The customer leveraged our experience as part of the completion center,” noted Urs Kunzelmann, SR Technics Vice President for Special Projects & Consultancy Services. “Definition was the key from the beginning and a great focus throughout the whole project. This kept us far from any misunderstanding and on track with tight cost control.”

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