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SereneAir New Customer at SR Technics

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Recently SR Technics has added a new Engine Services customer to its portfolio, SereneAir from Pakistan. SR Technics inducted two of their engines at the engine shop in Zurich at the end of November. SereneAir is the second Airline that SR Technics has the opportunity to work with from Pakistan. Their fleet consists of four B737-800 aircraft with CFM56-7B engines.

SR Technics came up with a solution of combining both SereneAir and Air Blue’s engines into a combined shipment, reducing the shipping cost for both operators This was a successful operation where both Airlines collaborated on the matter and managed to hire a freight to transport all of their engines due for a shop visit at SR Technics prior to year-end.

SR Technics is proud to provide the best possible solutions for our customers, keeping in mind that by saving on time and transport costs we improve our customer’s capabilities to stay productive and operational.

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Photo credit: @SereneAir

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