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SR Technics’ beneficial long-term PW4000 vision


The PW4000 engine series program was launched by Pratt & Whitney in 1982 with entry into the service of PW4000-94 in the year 1987 As the engine gained operational experience, there was a steady development of the fleet on various aircraft models and the engine evolved into three available sizes: PW4000-94, PW4000-100, and PW4000-112.

Out of 2,600 engines produced, with the majority being PW4000-94, roughly 1,500 engines remain in service to this day. More than half of the current fleet power freighter airplanes and this segment has seen a steady increase.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it was expected that this engine series would reach the end of its life cycle, but the freighter demand increased and continued to remain strong due to supply chain issues. B767-300ER remains one of the most popular choices for freighters globally, and with many of them configured with PW4000-94 engines, this engine will continue its operation for years to come.

Service providers moved to newer engines due to the MRO market decline in the pre-COVID era, resulting in a global decline in availability capacity. SR Technics had a vision and maintained its position as a key player in the MRO segment for PW4000-94 and PW4000-100 engines. We will continue to remain a strong choice for our customers due to our quality and cost-effective solutions.


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