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LEAP-1A becomes part of SR Technics’ quick-turn maintenance offload support

Leap 1A Insider

Recently SR Technics signed a five-year agreement with Safran Aircraft Engines, one of CFM International's parent companies, for SR Technics to provide quick-turn maintenance offload support to LEAP-1A engines. This multi-year agreement follows earlier agreements signed with Safran for CFM56-5B, CFM56-7B, and LEAP-1B engines, demonstrating a strong commitment by SR Technics to continuously strengthen its support for CFM engines and the market.

After signing the agreement with Safran, SR Technics received the official EASA authority approval from FOCA (Federal Office of Civil Aviation) to provide quick-turn maintenance on LEAP-1A engines. This important news opened the path for the first LEAP-1A induction, which took place in August. The approval allows SR Technics to fulfill its multi-year offload agreement with Safran and marks a decisive step forward in the company’s product portfolio, complementing the current CFM, LEAP-1B, PW4000 and PW1100G-JM capabilities.

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