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The Journey of an Engine - Full Series

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The world of aircraft engines is a captivating one, filled with complex mechanisms and powerful technology. But behind the scenes of these engineering systems, lies a meticulous process of maintenance, repair and overhaul that ensures they continue to soar through the skies, safely and efficiently.

When an engine enters our facility, it undergoes a maintenance and overhaul process, guided by the skillful hands of our experienced engineers and mechanics. Always according to our customer’s specifications, we carefully disassemble the engine, inspecting each part for any signs of wear or damage.

Our team of skilled technicians possess a deep knowledge of MRO and the expertise to restore an aircraft engine to its former glory. They employ advanced inspection techniques, including non-destructive testing (NDT) to detect even the smallest defects.

For any damaged parts, our technicians utilize a range of repair methods, from welding and machining to heat treatment and chemical etching. They ensure that every component meets the original manufacturer's specifications, ensuring the engine's optimal performance.

Once the inspection and repair processes are complete, we reassemble the engine, ensuring that every component is aligned to the exact specifications. We then perform testing to verify the engine's functionality and performance.

If you are interested in the exciting world of aircraft engines, we invite you to watch the full series of "The Journey of an Engine" episodes. This video covers the detailed stages of an aircraft engine's journey, highlighting the role SR Technics plays in maintaining the safety and reliability of our customers' aircraft fleets.

Discover the secrets behind the journey of an engine – find the full video series here.

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