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SR Technics' Customer-Centric Approach Saves Time and Costs for Trade Air


In February 2024, a remarkable collaboration unfolded in Malta between SR Technics' Quick Turn Services, SR Technics Malta, and our esteemed customer, Trade Air.
Trade Air faced the challenge of minimizing aircraft ground time while ensuring comprehensive maintenance. This would involve navigating through multiple shops, leading to extended downtime and increased costs. Confronted with the complex scenario of a pre-scheduled C-check, simultaneously with an engine becoming unserviceable due to LLP expiry, which resulted in the need for an LPT module swap, SR Technics had the opportunity to showcase its tailor-made solutions for its customers. 
By leveraging the collaborative efforts of SR Technics' Quick Turn Services from Zurich and Base Maintenance in Malta, Trade Air was provided with solution to execute both operations simultaneously on-site in Malta. This approach saved operational time but also eliminated the need for engine transportation. The collaboration between SR Technics' Quick Turn Services and SR Technics Malta shops has greatly improved task execution and delivered exceptional results.
Also, Trade Air's decision to entrust SR Technics with this complex challenge underscores the mutual trust and confidence that defines their partnership. In a rapidly evolving industry where time is of the essence, it is important to continue to lead the way with innovative solutions that place customers at the forefront.

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