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Celebrating our AMTs on National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day

National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day 2

Every year on May 24th, we join the global aviation community in celebrating National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day. This special day is dedicated not only to honoring the remarkable individuals who work diligently behind the scenes to keep our skies safe but also to recognizing the accomplishments of Charles Edward Taylor, the first aviation mechanic. Taylor played a pivotal role in aviation history by building the engine used to power the airplane of the Wright Brothers. His innovative contributions laid the groundwork for modern aviation and continue to inspire generations of aerospace engineers and technicians.

The Essential Role of AMTs

While pilots and flight attendants often take center stage, the work of AMTs is equally important. These Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) are the heroes who ensure the smooth and safe operation of aircraft engines, powering flights across the globe. Their meticulous work forms the foundation of our mission at SR Technics - "We safely power your flight” - and is the cornerstone of our expertise in engine-focused MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul). 

At SR Technics, we are proud of our highly skilled and certified AMTs. They come from diverse backgrounds and possess a wealth of experience across various engine types, including different series of CFM56, CFM-LEAP and Pratt & Whitney.

They are responsible for a wide range of critical tasks, including:

  • Conducting pre- and post-lease inspections
  • Performing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on aircraft and engine systems
  • Troubleshooting and repairing mechanical, electrical and hydraulic problems
  • Repairing or replacing parts and ensuring all components are functioning properly
  • Providing and ensuring full transparency of all maintenance performed to ensure airworthiness of the aircraft

Additionally, we are committed to providing our AMTs with the best possible training and resources. Continuous learning and development are core parts of our approach, ensuring our technicians stay ahead in an ever-evolving field. This commitment allows them to confidently handle the most complex engine MRO and aircraft maintenance tasks with precision, competence and efficiency.

A Day of Recognition and Appreciation

Today, on National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our AMTs at SR Technics. Your dedication to quality and safety is what keeps us at the forefront of the MRO industry. We appreciate everything you do to keep air travel safe and reliable.

Thanks to your expertise and commitment, we safely power your flight.

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