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Deborah Wüthrich, Structure Specialist

I'm Deborah Wüthrich, a Structure Specialist at SR Technics, responsible for maintaining and repairing components across a range of aircraft types. My journey with SR Technics began in 2018 during my apprenticeship as a Plastic Technologist, where I first discovered the aerospace industry. Since then, my fascination with engines and aircraft has only grown. My daily workplace is where engines arrive for repair, maintenance, and disassembly into their core components. My main focus is gluing – a vital part of keeping these engines in top shape. It's all about ensuring that everything is precisely as it should be.

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"At SR Technics, teamwork isn’t just about working together, it’s about recognizing and valuing the strengths of every individual, regardless of any background."

We work together with a single aim and as one team.

Here, I've had the opportunity to transform my expertise in composites and innovation into a meaningful career. Every day is a chance to excel, learn, and contribute to the advancement of our industry.

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