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Reliability and precision are our guiding principles.

Tomasz Trojnar, Engine Mechanic

Hello, I'm Tomasz, and I've been working as an Engine Inspector and Mechanic at SR Technics Switzerland for the past 4 years. My main role is the inspection and maintenance of CFM56 and Pratt and Whitney engines, including the CFM56-5B/-5C/-7B and PW4000 series. 

Joining SR Technics allowed me to build valuable experience as an Engine Mechanic and Inspector in the aviation industry. My daily tasks include conducting meticulous incoming inspections of these engines, ensuring they meet all the criteria of safety and performance down to the finest detail. I also perform checks to assess the engine's condition and pre-inspections of critical components like fan disks and fan hubs.


"In the world of aerospace, reliability and precision are our guiding principles. The MRO industry is one where every detail matters, where the accuracy of our work is not just a requirement, but a fundamental aspect of our mission."

Teamwork and shared commitment to excellence are what make SR Technics a remarkable place to work.

Being a part of SR Technics was a significant milestone in my career. I am proud to be part of a team that plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of aircraft engines. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities for learning, which keeps me engaged and motivated.

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